Can I use SCM resources in a co-op?

We welcome the use of our resources in co-ops! Our only request is that for consumable resources, each family participating in the class own a copy of either the print or e-book edition of the resource—multiple students in the same family can make copies from the family copy of the resource if preferred.

Here are a few examples to help clarify how that works:

  • For Music Study with the Masters, you would only need one copy because the kit is non-consumable.
  • For Your Business Math, you would need one copy per family participating because the book is consumable.
  • For Picture Study Portfolios, only one copy is needed if the children are not going to take copies of the prints home. If you'd like to give each child a copythe prints studied, we have extra print sets available.

For all of our resources, we have a bulk order discount of 10% off 10 or more copies, or 20% off 20 or more copies. That discount is automatically applied in our online store if you order the appropriate number of copies. And the discount applies to either print or e-book editions.

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